Sun State Builders Celebrates Women in Construction

For 26 years, the National Association of Women in Construction has dedicated the first week in March to celebrate and promote the role of women in construction. In recognition of Women in Construction Week March 3 through 9, Sun State Builders will honor the many hardworking women at our company who are helping to shape the future of construction. 

While construction is traditionally a male-dominated industry with only approximately 11% of employees represented by women, Sun State Builders is proud to share that nearly 50% of our employees are females holding positions throughout the company. From our leadership and creatives in the office to hands-on workers on job sites, women play a pivotal role in Sun State Builders’ more than 50-year history as a leading Arizona general contractor. In honor of Women in Construction Week, we want to highlight just a few of the many women who make what we do possible. 

Andrea Piering


Andrea Piering got her start in construction more than 25 years ago when she began working at Sun State Builders while she was in college. She started as a courier and worked her way up learning all areas of the business. Andrea discovered her passion for construction and was inspired by her father who was the general manager of Sun State Builders for 40 years.  

When faced with the challenge of earning the respect of her peers, most of whom were men, her dad offered her advice that she has carried with her throughout her career. He said, “Don’t act like you know it all. If you don’t know something admit it. These guys will want to help you. If you act like you know more than them when you don’t, they will see through it and not respect you.” She took that advice to heart and passes it on to every woman who comes through her office. 

Today, as a co-owner and President, Piering is guiding the company into the future. She explains, “Women can excel in the construction industry. They tend to be great multi-taskers, creative thinkers and organizers, which are valuable skills that we look for in employees.” Not all construction jobs involve being outside digging in the dirt; companies need employees who can problem solve and be creative as well as employees who want to get their hands dirty.

Cindy Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

Cindy Thomas has spent more than 25 years building her career in accounting within the real estate and construction sector.  Cindy joined the Sun State Builders team in 2016 as a finance and accounting consultant before being promoted to Chief Financial Officer. 

She loves how unique construction accounting is. Every project is different, and it is challenging to account for multiple contracts, construction projects and job costs. The variety and all the moving parts make it interesting. No two projects or days are the same. The biggest challenge Cindy has faced in her career was a computer system crash where the backup system also failed, resulting in a loss of all accounting data. Shifting into problem solving mode, Cindy formulated a plan and rebuilt the system quickly. The lesson she’s learned through her experience is to expect obstacles and challenges and plan for them, be prepared to build a solution and implement. 

Cindy believes the construction industry is a great career choice for women. It is fast-paced and full of smart, energetic people. Women can be successful and make a significant impact with their skills, expertise and dedication that they bring to the workforce. Cindy’s career advice for other women is, “Set your goals in concrete and your plans in sand.” She goes on to note that plans can shift, but if you never lose sight of your goals, work hard and stay positive, good things will follow.  

Sheri Beckers


Sheri Beckers discovered her knack for construction while remodeling her home more than 10 years ago. After her own home remodel, she began flipping houses. When a friend recommended her for a position as a superintendent with Sun State Builders in 2022, she took her skills and experience and applied it to commercial construction.

Sheri loves seeing a project go from a patch of ground to a landmark that will be around long after the people who built it. She also loves getting to work one-on-one with the different trades involved. Sheri feels like she is truly living the dream every time she organizes and plans a new project, comparing it to the synchronicity of an orchestra. She works hands-on using many of the skills she gained prior to joining the team.

Sheri says that her biggest challenge to overcome was the societal expectations placed on her and the limits she perceived because of them. She forged ahead anyway and now has a successful career in a field that she loves. She encourages women who think they might be interested in working in the industry to “Just do it! Always be and stay teachable and you can be successful in any position.” Sheri credits Sun State Builders’ culture and leadership for encouraging her to chase her passions and accomplish her goals without regard to societal norms. 

Tammy Shamhart

Project Manager

Tammy Shamhart learned the ropes of the construction industry early on working for her family’s general contracting company. Tammy started working for Sun State Builders in 2013 as a project coordinator and now brings more than 22 years of industry experience to her role as a project manager.  

Tammy believes the challenges and rewards are what make a career in construction so fulfilling. She says the key to overcoming challenges in any area of life is to take them one at a time and find the lesson to learn from each. Tammy’s favorite part of working in the industry is how her position helps breathe life into clients’ visions for their projects and the positive effects those projects have on the community.

Sun State Builders is proud to honor all the women, past and present, who have shaped the company into what it is today. To learn more about Women in Construction Week and see a full schedule of virtual and regional events, visit If you would like to learn more about the company’s services and leadership, visit 

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